Cultural Connections for Glideways

Connectivity conservation has become the organising principle for a significant proportion of conservation projects both locally in the Jaliigirr area but also more extensively along the 3,600 km’s of the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) Initiative. Locally, there has been a high degree of success in on-ground projects as evidenced through the outcomes achieved through the Jaliigirr C4 project.

However, through consultations and discussions with Indigenous partners of the Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance and also between the GER central team & regional facilitators, it is apparent that it is fundamentally important to further acknowledge and understand Cultural Connections with corridors that have existed for 10,000’s of years. We are learning that mapped biodiversity corridors seem often to be Traditional Cultural Corridors.

The Centre for Ecological Learning (CEL), as a partner of Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance, delivered a pilot Traditional Cultural Corridors project. Gliders and gliderways have been identified as highly important indicators of conservation connectivity health as well as offering both a recognisable and iconic way for the broader community to become involved.

Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance members have a track record in Indigenous engagement through active partnerships within the Alliance, through previous ‘Living Country’ events and through the 2013-14 GER funded Sense of Place project. The underlying principle of these projects has been empowering Indigenous groups in the Jaliigirr area through organising projects centred upon respect for Country, Culture & Elders.

Project activities:

  • Project design led by Gumbaynggirr Elders (Uncle Larry Kelly, Auntie Shaa, Chris Spencer, Robin Heath, Auntie Bea, Michael Jarrett and Mark Flanders). 
  • ‘Gliderways’/‘Walking the land’ & Gumbaynggirr Language event developed and held in December 2015. 
  • Materials gathered/prepared for social and print media & shared with Indigenous & general community.
  • Development of an experiential process document for other GER partnerships to use & apply (aspects of) methodology/ Jaliigirr experience with Cultural Connections/ Sense of Place.

Key delivery partner:

Centre for Ecological Learning

Funding body:

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

Project value: