general-102Our purpose

The purpose of the Alliance is to ensure that the biodiversity of the region is maintained in a changing climate – by protecting & enhancing landscape connections from our coastline & along the great escarpment.

How we work

The structure and functions of the Alliance will provide Alliance partners with:

  • the opportunity to work at a landscape scale
  • assistance to continue & grow their business in biodiversity conservation, and grow their capacity
  • a united front for collaboration
  • a single point of reference for on-ground operations
  • an opportunity to share information & resources
  • a focus for training, development & research
  • capacity to strengthen biodiversity messages to the wider community through joint communications
  • opportunity to manage biodiversity threats in a tenure-blind & strategic manner

What does the Alliance seek to achieve?

The Alliance intends to pursue STRATEGIES such as …

that contribute towards our OBJECTIVES of …

1. Focusing on connectivity conservation action connected and resilient landscapes & ecosystems
2. Communicating the issues & opportunities with the wider community an aware and active community supporting biodiversity conservation
3. Collaboration between partners on projects & communications local people and local groups working together for a healthy environment
4. Effective administration, resourcing and funding local effort & employment supported by local, regional and national contributions
5. Exchanging knowledge and skills effective & inclusive use of the knowledge and skills within the alliance area


The Jaliigirr Alliance is a regional partner of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative.